Lets Talk About Gun Violence

Today the U.S. Senate voted 68 to 31 to end the Republican filibuster of the gun control bill. This means that finally the bill can be debated on the Senate floor. The vote came after the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre traveled to Washington to personally lobby members of the Senate to listen to their concerns and at least discuss gun control measures. Tighter gun control is something overwhelmingly favored by Americans in poll after poll, but that isn’t really the point. Has gun control become an issue so delicate that it can no longer be discussed? You can argue that tighter gun control laws wouldn’t have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre, and that might be true. But the Republican filibuster wasn’t about stopping a gun control law, it was about stopping any discussion of a gun control law. That’s just wrong. So congratulations to the 16 Republicans who crossed the aisle to vote with the Democrats and shame on the 29 Republicans and 2 Democrats who voted against just debating the gun control bill. The families of the Sandy Hook victims and the families of all gun violence victims deserve that debate.

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