The Unconventional College Choice

It’s now April, and kids have received those fat envelopes or e-mails (no more thin envelopes) telling them where they’ve been accepted or not. My youngest daughter had the good fortune to be accepted at her first choice school way back at the beginning of February. She just didn’t share it with me until recently. My daughter has always been a bit unconventional, so naturally she opted for an out of the box school–University College Dublin, as in Ireland.

At first I was really kind of floored. My daughter has always been the closest to home of my three kids. She was bullied so badly in her first school that we pulled her out and put her in a Quaker school. It was a great experience for her, but she’s still had her ups and down. She has ADHD; she’s always had to work like a demon. It hasn’t stopped her. But i always figured when it came to college, she’d want to stay closer to home.

I was wrong. My little bird has grown some mighty wings, and she wants to stretch them. She was accepted as a double honors major and plans to go for English with Drama and Archeology (a very unusual combination). In three years, she’ll have her degree, and maybe she’ll just stay on to get a masters. The tuition is quite reasonable, and though it’s far away, it’s really not much worse than traveling to California.

I still worry, but I know she’s gone through many challenges and triumphed largely due to her own moxie and talent. On top of that, she’s still a good and decent person. I guess it’s time to push her out of the nest and let her fly.

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