Flash! Friday # 28 — WINNERS!

Flash! Friday

I knew you all would come up with hilarious, terrifying, creepy, stirring adventures for our poor Lady of Shallot. If only Waterhouse and Tennyson were around to weigh in, eh?? (Maybe we’ll save that for a future contest… heh heh.) You all continually amaze me with your inventiveness and skill. Thank you for coming out to play! Thanks too to judge Kinza Carpenter Shores for her fine work this week. Thank you, all!


Judge Kinza Carpenter Shores says, I love judging but was sad this week not to be able to write for it too! What a compelling prompt. The stories were all so wonderful. Seriously. Sooooo many good stories! 



Dawn Nikithser, “Captaining.” I loved the poetry. Really well written, it had a very inviting cadence and rhythm. The sentiment was clear and strong and the imagery beautiful, and even though it is…

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