For the Love of Books

Recently I got an iPad, and while I can honestly say I love the thing–access to music, e-mail, games, news, not to mention books–at my finger tips, i still find myself turning to books, old fashioned hard-bound books when I want to sit down to read. For one thing I can make notes when I read a real book. I do this a lot. I underline. I highlight. I write notes and reminders.

I also like the feel of books. Yes, I know it’s old fashioned, but I like opening a book and breathing in the aroma. I love wandering through used book stores and coming across old favorites that have gone out of print. For me, it’s something of a treasure hunt.

It’s not that I never download books. I do. E-books are great for travel. It’s so much easier to carry my little iPad rather than six books with me on an airplane. And for non-taxing beach reads, an e-book is ideal.

Still, I like going to book signings and getting a chance to chat with the authors. It may be a quick pass through or sometimes it might be longer depending on the line. I like to think coming to a signing encourages new writers and encourages more successful ones to continue to push to be great. (Not because of me, per say, just because people care enough to come.)

Under the guise of making us more connected, the internet has in many ways driven us farther apart. So much is done online that used to be done in person. While I’m all for online book groups, I also believe strongly in human connections.

I guess that’s why I’ll never give up on old fashioned books. To me, they are a solid and personal connection. Yes, I have far too many, and they stack up in the corners of my bedroom, but they’re jolly company on a chilly night.

One thought on “For the Love of Books

  1. marycritic13 says:

    Actual Books > Digital books

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