Flash! Friday # 37 — WINNERS!

Flash! Friday

You people are HILARIOUS. Loved, loved your stories, even though some of you insisted on eating the baby despite my admonishment to eat before writing. I hope you take your stories and share them on your own blogs with your fans and followers, as they represented some truly delightful reading. Thank you so much for coming and cracking us all up this week. We’ll see you again Friday!

Don’t forget all stories remain eligible for further hilarity on by Monday’s Flash Points feature, right here most Mondays.   


Judge Maggie Duncan says, Like Beth said last week, I’d also like to assure everyone that I’ve always done blind judging. I, too, copy and paste the entries (without author ID) into a Word document. I give the entire document a brief read-through, then I go back and deal with each story individually, using the criteria outlined on my…

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