The World of Self Promotion

I have just returned from another writers’ conference where I was reminded once again that writing a novel today is only a part of the writer’s job. After an agent is procured, contracts are signed and a somewhat diminished bonus is agreed upon, said writer must then switch hats and turn into a publicity machine unless he or she has the means to hire a publicist.

Today you must create a platform so that you have a built in audience once you go to press. Then be prepared for the dog and pony show to follow–clown suit and red nose optional.

Look we all know the publishing industry took a hit in the recession, just like everything else in this country, and the industry wants to protect its top producer, but really. We all know the authors ho dominate the Times best seller list aren’t going to fade to obscurity if publishers spend a little more on new talent, especially if new authors prove their willingness to participate in the publicity process.

Who knows? It could end up being a win-win for everybody.

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