A Valentine’s Tale: Now That We’ve Kissed . . .

ImageNow that we’ve kissed, here are some things you ought to know about me. Even though I wore this gooey Ravishing Raspberry lip shine, when I put it on I felt like my I.Q. dropped ten points. It’s slimy and gooey, and now it’s all over your face.

I never wear dresses, so I wonder why I crammed myself into this pink satin horror. I like my jeans and tee shirts, and I’m not any less a girl when I wear them.

I do like the corsage you got me for the dance though; I love the delicate pink roses nestled among the baby’s breath and that one surprising purple iris. How did you know it was one of my favorite flowers? I generally don’t like dances. so I don’t know why I even agreed to come to this one with you. It’s just a bunch of grinding and sweating and too loud everything. It sounds like a freight train running through my head. Why can’t we have one or two slow songs just once in a while?

I guess you should know that at heart I’m kind of a romantic, not that I believe in soul mates, but it would be nice if you could meet someone special like in those silly musicals. Sometimes I wish life was like a musical so when you came into a room music would start to play. When I first met you I think music was playing.

You should know that I like sitting home with a good book. I know that probably sounds weird, but people let you down. Books are always there. I know you like to read because I met you in the library. Who’d have thought a guy as cute as you had a brain?

I liked the way we argued about politics until everyone looked at us like we were weird. I said you were an asshole, and you said I was a moron. Then you apologized and gave me a ride home.

You said you liked my house because it had great trees, and you always wanted a tree house. I like to climb trees. We have a big old maple tree in the back yard, and when I climb that old thing and settle in with a book and let the breeze blow over me, well, then I feel at peace. Right now I’m debating whether I prefer Jane Eyre to Pride and Prejudice. You said you liked Brave New World and World War Z. I said it figured, but I was glad you liked to read.

I also swim. I’m pretty good too, not super great, but good. You play soccer and are really good. I think swimming is superior to soccer because in swimming you compete against yourself. You like soccer because it’s a team sport. I guess it’s just one of those things we have to agree to disagree on.

Still, I never thought you’d ask me to a semi formal. In four years I never got asked to a semi formal. Not that I ever wanted to get asked.

You’re looking at me kind of funny and quiet. Did I scare you off? I scare a lot of guys off. I guess you know that already. They think I’m pretty weird.

The music is so loud, and almost everyone is on the dance floor grinding away except for us and a few wallflowers. Why are you holding out your hands? I feel a little shaky when I step into your arms. We’re all alone in the middle of the dance floor, and you’re holding me close. I kind of like that.

Maybe just because it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll kiss you again.

One thought on “A Valentine’s Tale: Now That We’ve Kissed . . .

  1. hjcain says:

    A new and different voice for this writer

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