They say that climate change stuff’s gonna get us in the end. Could be. Snow don’t lay right in the mountains no more. Weird kind ‘a fog comes over them in the spring. Real fast like. Sometimes it just creeps on you like your eyes is wrapped in gauze. Then the dark comes on and the world turns blue, and it seems like anything’s possible. Like that afternoon Earl and I was out. One minute the sun was bright and yellow in the sky; the next, the world was hidden behind a blue-gray veil.

That’s when we seen them. Walkin’ in the mountains, just across the Divide, we see the woman and dog, just walking. Earl even got his fancy binoculars to be sure. We called and called, just to see if she needed help, but the fog got real bad. When it finally lifted, well . . . she was gone. And her little dog too.

One thought on “Fog

  1. hjcain says:

    Interesting (for you) voice. Does this mark a change in characters and / or locations for your stories?

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