“I got something to say to you.” She folded her arms and glared at him over the carcass of the cold chicken.

“I kinda thought we’d hafta talk about what happened. Or what didn’t happen. I mean nothin’ happened.”

“Please, just stop. You’ve spent our whole marriage looking over my head at the girl just behind me. like Miss perfect is just waiting for you if only I’d get out of the way.”

“I never thought that.”

“Then you come home and cut your damn toenails and leave them on the floor for me to clean up. You leave the toilet seat up. You never once let me pick a TV show. You never even ask what I want to see.” She felt her left eye twitch. It did that sometimes for hours. Usually, Stan mocked her, but tonight he didn’t say anything.

“You told me I looked like a fat, old bitch.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did. You said I looked like Linnie Tucker.”

“Yeah, cause she got red hair too.”

“No because she’s a fat old bitch.”

He swallowed.

“I’m good enough to make your meals and clean up after you, but you’ve never once thought about what I want.”

“I bought that griddle you wanted.”

“Jesus Christ! I didn’t want it for an anniversary gift.”

“If you don’t tell me, how am I supposed to know?”

She sighed. “We’ve been married for fifteen years, Stan. If you don’t have a clue by now, why bother to try?”

He looked down at the table and cleared his throat. “Because I love you?”

She stood. “It’s too late.”

He was still sitting at the kitchen table when she picked up her two suitcases and left the apartment.

One thought on “Enough

  1. hjcain says:

    This is a good example of how you can write dialogue which while it sounds authenticate is much more and pushes the idea of the story.
    Good Job,

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