The Family That Writes Together . . .

At the urging of two of my children, I’m beginning a new project: a fantasy novel, which represents uncharted territory for me. I’ve written a thriller that I’m trying to get published and teaching myself flash fiction, just because it seems like a great genre, but fantasy represents a whole new challenge.

In fact it is a bigger challenge than I ever anticipated. I’ve never built a world before. I have to know the characters, so I’ve started drawing them. My daughter is advising me on magical creatures. My son is advising me on military strategy and feudal government. I’m drawing maps, so that I can eventually lay everything out and go into that world, at least figuratively.

The best part is that in the end, this will become a sort of family project.

I don’t think I have ever created a book by committee, but so far I’m liking it. If I can only keep up with my kids as they spit out ideas, we may get the story put together. We’re developing a plot with many sticky notes, lots of drawing paper, and colored pencils. When we do get our book finished, I will put it out there as a collaboration. I’m feeling very psyched.