The Dreaded Revision

I’ve been doing a bit of editing while working on my usual fiction (writers have to eat), and it struck me that a large problem with a lot of writing today is a severe lack of editing. I’m not talking about the occasional typo. I’m talking about serious grammar and structural mistakes. I realize we aren’t all literary writers, but that isn’t an excuse for sloppy writing either.

Look, I’m making no claim to literary greatness, but I do know my first draft is never my best. I’ve also spent enough years editing other people’s work to know that no one gets it right the first time. You really need to polish your work. It gets tiresome to hear over and over, but the harder you work at it, the more it will shine.

That’s not to say dreadful writing doesn’t get published. You might get lucky, but chances are, you’ll be the one doing the publishing.