We Hate Government Until We don’t

Image  We hate government, right? No one has the right to tell us what to eat or drink? The Constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so the state shouldn’t interfere. Yet people seem to mix up state, local and federal government all the time. The failed ban on big gulps and the intact ban on foie gras was a local issue. Bans on gay marriage and increasing restrictions on abortions are, for the most part, state issues. Gun laws vary from state to state. The federal government enacts legislation that is approved by congress (when and if congress gets its act together) and it is either signed or vetoed by the president. The states and local governments can alter that legislation, but face legal challenges by doing so. It wasn’t Washington that imposed the big gulp ban. That was a New York thing. You can agree with it or not. You can certainly argue that government shouldn’t be involved in our personal lives. For instance, how do I explain to my daughters that it’s okay for the government to tell them what to do with their bodies while these same men refuse to even consider background checks for people who buy guns? I don’t worry about the government sending in black helicopters and storm troopers to take away our guns and occupy our towns. I do worry more and more that the high cost of getting elected at all levels is funneling power upward into the hands of the very rich and powerful. I’m no longer sure legislators at any level represent the interests of the majority of the people they are supposed to serve. However, before we say there’s no room for government, remember who comes in with troops and aid when hurricanes strike and floods occur and wildfires burn out of control. We don’t like big government until we need it.