Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Work . . . and Write


It occurred to me that I spend spend much of my time in front of a computer, and that I can measure my life, not in coffee spoons, but in keystrokes.

It isn’t a bad thing. I love writing. I have thousands of characters in my head waiting to escape, but the attendant social media and other demands of my life often interfere.

How much time should one devote to social media? Authors have disclosed they spend as little as ten minutes to hours on line, depending on their popularity. Most top-selling authors have flacks to take care their author pages.

But for someone just getting started, the process can seem overwhelming. Yes, you need to establish a presence in the social media, but it takes away from writing time, and that is a very precious commodity.

Every minute I spend online is time I could be writing or rewriting. So I’ve put myself on a time budget. I don’t do anything until I have reached my page quota for the day.

I just don’t have the time.