Send Me Back

Some days exercise stirs my memories, and I rest my bicycle against the wall of the covered bridge to breathe in the cool air. I think of home then.

The Authorities say I’ll forget my old life. Eventually. But they’re wrong.

Lilith has cooked some kind of fish for dinner. I eat it dutifully and try to forget the steaks and martinis I had to leave behind.

She says I’ve been given a second chance. I say prison is prison. But Lilith never did understand the real world. She always had a soft heart. Maybe it kept us from being sent to Alpha 10. I’ve only heard rumors, but they say the inmates don’t last long there. I’m glad I wasn’t in petrochemicals. Most of those boys were sent to Alpha 10. They’re gone now. Just part of the yellow dust.

At night I sit with my special telescope and stare at my home so far away. A perfect blue and green sphere. They say it’s finally healed.

If only they’d send me back.