The Master faces the crowd. “The marvels of the human body lie here.” He points behind him to the hanging skeleton. “Bone.” He raises his hand. “Flesh and sinew.”


He unveils the body on the table behind him.


The crowd murmurs and watches him slice into the body. Thin and brown as a coffee bean, the cadaver was but a slave, yet in death he has become an instrument of learning.


Soft light shines through the domed ceiling. Silence descends.


“Notice that his teeth are broken, from violence, I believe.” The Master peels back the skin of the chest from the y-shaped incision he has made. “His clavicle was broken here on the left. He probably toiled for many years in great pain. See here, three broken ribs from a hard blow. We can discover much here.”


The Master touches the man’s head reverently. “He is now our teacher. Let us learn from him. Let us worship at his altar.”